The Thing about Charts by Zarp

Posted on May 24, 2010

They don’t tell lies.

Now, all those folks who have Retirement Annuities,

Assurance Savings Plans,Unit Trusts etc…

Your money goes to Bonds,Shares and other prescribed Asset Classes.

You’re doing this for a better Pension,to maintain your Quality of life,

with a long-term plan.

Perfectly understandable and Traditional.

( that’s how our parents did it).


I’m afraid you are not going to be pleased at the next few pics.

It shows clearly with a broad view…

that if you put your money into Plans that derive their value from

Markets, for Investment purposes,

well….that’s not going too well.

And it’s going to get worse.


Because with all the bailouts,

the Authorities are devaluing the currencies ;

That means your Income has to go up and up…and faster and faster.


the Hyperinflationary Zimbabwe Effect is now a possibility

in the Sphere of WESTERN Capitalism.

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